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To become the pioneer company in leading career & business foundation through developing various types of innovative prototype to industrialize enterprises.
Foundation for broad opportunities search & co-operation

Bosc Foundation Pvt. Ltd. is a consulting & business company, founded for broad opportunities search & co-operation regarding local to global people, methods and ideas. There is search & research in various opportunities & things as information & prototypes, and deliver them to the stakeholders in developing career growth & business enterprises. The company deals with career & business counseling & guidance through qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to evaluate career & business decisions in one site, and it supports & promoting in developing & demonstrating innovative prototype to developing & operating industrialize enterprises in another site. So, this is the premier company in promoting individual based career growth to their innovation development, as well as, organizational based business growth to industrialize enterprises at a spot.

  • Learning by doing based educational activities

  • Career Express for All

  • Business plan and Setup

  • Enterprise Development and Operational Activities


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