June 14, 2020

About Us

Bosc Foundation Pvt. Ltd. is a consulting & business company, founded for broad opportunities search & co-operation regarding local to global people, methods and ideas. There is search & research in various opportunities & things as information & prototypes, and deliver them to the stakeholders in developing career growth & business enterprises. The company deals with career & business counseling & guidance through qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to evaluate career & business decisions in one site, and it supports & promoting in developing & demonstrating innovative prototype to developing & operating industrialize enterprises in another site. So, this is the premier company in promoting individual based career growth to their innovation development, as well as, organizational based business growth to industrialize enterprises at a spot.


Foundation for broad opportunities search & co-operation. 


To become the pioneer company in leading career & business foundation through developing various types of innovative prototype to industrialize enterprises. 


  • Broad opportunities search & co-operation with learning, teaching & implementing people, organization & community etc stakeholders in various sectors like education, employment, entrepreneurship, business & projects etc.
  • To provide necessary Career planning & development program to individual peoples on the basis of research & development in context of national & international Scenario.
  • To arrange & provide necessary technical & vocational training/internship etc as availability of trainer & trainee for professionalism development.
  • To search & research the probable & productive industry, trading & business product & services in one hand & to support in developing & operating such product & servicing enterprises in another hand.
  • To provide necessary support for operating or constructing industry, trading & business enterprises through search & research in various types of resources & equipments like land, machine, tools, vehicles land & raw materials etc.
  • To search & research information about various types of programs & projects conducted by various national & international government & non government organizations & facilitate to the targeted people, group & community.
  • Co-operate with various people & organizations for mutual growth & prosperity through mutual agreement & contract.
  • Provide necessary legal documentation & procurement support for biding the tender & projects.
  • Broad opportunities search in local, regional, national & international sectors through various information & communication technology like radio, TV, magazines & internet etc & co-operate with the coordinators & stakeholders to grab them.